Policies & Codes of Conduct

School / Policies & Codes of Conduct


Principles & Rules

Welcome to Moving Light Dance School

We strive for a positive and joy filled learning experience so there are standards we are asking parents, dancers, teachers and artists to follow to the best of their ability. We hope implementing these standards will keep social and personal, including emotional and physical, issues to a minimum. We also understand in implementing a new set of standards or expectations there will be some learning experiences for all of us. We hope this will create an open, honest and smooth path for the work we do together at Moving Light.

Principles of Behavior

  • There are no excuses
  • Speak only with good purpose
  • Always be willing to adapt
  • Be willing to accept our purpose and our goals
  • Be willing to tell the truth and allow others to do the same
  • Make only agreements that you are willing and able to keep
  • Focus on solutions to problems and understand problems give us opportunities to be creative
  • Strive to be agreeable and compromise
  • If a problem arises, communicate it as soon as appropriate to someone who can do something about it
  • Communicate any potential broken agreement before it is broken
  • Take responsibility for your own actions
  • Be considerate of your fellow dancers
  • Support the teachers who create a safe space for dancers to excel
  • Once class begins, be quiet and pay attention to your teacher. Do not talk, joke or whisper to classmates. If students are talking, etc. during class they will be asked to go to the lobby for the remainder of the class.
  • Don’t be afraid to let your teacher see your inner character
  • Trust your teacher’s judgement. If in doubt, defer to your teacher and allow them to guide you.
  • Remember that teachers are human and will or do make mistakes
  • If your teacher assigns homework, do it to the best of your ability
  • If you are ill or injured, inform the teacher before class so they are aware of your limitations
  • If you have a question ask your teacher, not your fellow classmates


To allow preparation time please arrive no less than 5 minutes before class. It is very important for student safety and health to not miss the warm up (first 10-25 minutes of class). Lateness is also disruptive to the class. Students later than 15 minutes will be asked to sit out and watch class.


Please contact Christine to find out about make up opportunities for missed classes. When possible always notify teacher of absence from class.


Periodically Moving Light hold observation classes. Family and friends are invited to watch a class at this time. Look for Observation week in the school Calendar.


For tuition costs, please refer to the Tuition page. Payments received after date due will include a $20 late fee. Payments are required for participation in classes. There are no refunds. Tuition may be applied to later classes only with a medical excuse from a doctor.

Rehearsals & Performances

Rehearsals are times scheduled for practice to prepare for a performance. Class is time to practice technique and develop strength to execute movement vocabulary properly. Some of class time will be used to learn choreography for a performance but extra rehearsals will always be necessary especially since Moving Light Dance performs full length ballets (or dance that tells a story). The school works as a whole to present quality educational performances to our community. Rehearsals outside of class time are limited for younger students so participants are not overwhelmed. So please make extra effort to save rehearsal times as soon as you are notified of them. Older students will have a series of rehearsals leading up to a performance. Moving Light chooses to work this way so students who love to dance are given the opportunity to fully enjoy the process of creating and preparing for a performance. Attendance at rehearsals as well as class will reflect students’ participation in performances. When possible always notify teacher of absence from rehearsals in advance so they can plan accordingly.


No street shoes in the dance studio. During the wet, snow and mud season please remove your shoes in the lobby entrance and place in the mats provided.

Food & Drink

No food or drink in the dance studio, with the exception of water.

Cell Phones

The use of cell phones while at dance class and rehearsals is not permitted. Dancers may have their cell phone in their bags, in the lobby for emergency use only. We are here to dance and connect with other dancers. For our best work to happen we need dancers to be fully present in the moment of the work and share as community members together.

Social Media

We ask that all parents and students posting any photos of their child with other dancers in them connect with the parents and/or dancers before posting. We also ask that when posting the intention be a sharing of the work and honoring of the individuals pictured.

Dancers practicing in studio Cyrus working on routine Young dancers backstage at a performance Young woman practicing dance