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Moving Light was founded by Christine Harris in October of 2000. One ballet class of ten students held at the Plainfield Town Hall evolved through the years into a school, now located in Montpelier, able to share dance with students from many Central Vermont communities.

Moving Light fosters a love for dance in it’s students with focused training and mindful teaching. We have the unique opportunity to work and grow with students over many years. We believe dance can play a integral part in helping you or your child blossom, whatever the goals may be.

Our mission is to bring quality dance education to all ages. Our goal is to teach students how the body works (biomechanics) while focusing on developing a strong center, energy awareness and creativity for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Moving Light is shifting even more away from the competitive, discriminating and aggressive old paradigms of dance training, specifically in the ballet world. We continue to uphold our mission with increased focus on developing body, mind and spirit awareness in order for dancers to listen and respond to their own needs including pinpointing and feeling the details of their challenges, when to push harder, when to take it easy and how to find joy in the effort and deep expression of self. There is emphasis on how to honor each other’s gifts and hold one another as a sacred part of the whole.

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